Teenage Cancer Trust


Teenage Cancer Trust is our chosen charity of 2017.

We pledge that from our 2017-2018 annual profits we will be donating a percentage to Teenage Cancer Trust to aid with reaching their target to raise 80 million pounds over the next five years to provide the best cancer support and care for young people.

With your support, we can work hard to make this happen and give control back to young people to enable them to access the best cancer support and care, in the way they want it.


Click here for more information about Teenage Cancer Trust.


About Lola…

After being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Founder & Chief Executive “Lola Ricketts” embarked on a journey of a lifetime to discover her true vocation was in helping & educating people…

Whilst spending time in chemotherapy Lola Witnessed first- hand how the divide between the elderly generation and digital technology & the Internet was a growing issue that all of us will face at some point in our lives if we choose to ignore to keep up with the Internet and modern technologies. Having three children meant that Lola was always trying to keep ahead of the latest online security threats and keep her children safe whilst still enjoying the internet and all that it has to offer younger people.

“Tech Smart has been established to provide training and support to people who feel digitally excluded, whether that is through cyber-bullying, their age or their social status. We provide jargon-free training and support services to all ages and abilities in the wider community.”

Lola x