Younger Learners

Lessons for younger learners at Home or in School.

As the statistics scream “96% of Households in the UK with children have access to the Internet”, it has never been a more important time to educate and protect the future of tomorrow when it comes to the world online.

A whole new set of rules, a whole new set of pitfalls but we can make the Internet safe and enjoyable and even parents can take advantage of a lesson or two to get them internet safety savvy.

  • Cyber Bullying; How to identify Cyber Bullying, how to report it and how to overcome and avoid Cyber Bullying.
  • Social Media; Age appropriate websites to use, how to create and design your profile, how to spot and report unsolicited DM’s and trolling.
  • Online Grooming; Who you should and shouldn’t chat to online, friends, fakes and phonies, who to tell when you feel violated or unsure.